chapter  10
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Recent Trends in the Era of Cybercrime and the Measures to Control Them

ByPooja Kamat, Apurv Singh Gautam

The recent advancements in technology have made mankind dependent on the Internet to a large extent. Cybercrimes is a general term wherein the computer is either a tool or a target or a medium of communication for carrying out criminal activity. Cyber criminals use steganography techniques to encode malicious scripts into pictures or crafted webpages to smuggle malware through firewalls into the system under attack. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used to perform cybersecurity tasks to stop cybercrime. Steganography is the art of hiding and transmitting data, including photo, video, and audio, through apparently innocuous carriers. Machine learning and AI have also seen a vast increase of cyber threats recently. The cybercrime landscape has grown in parallel with software and emerging technologies like AI and Internet of Things (IoT). It adapts new techniques and strategies for targeting industries.