chapter  Chapter 12
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An Experimental Study on the Influence of Polymeric Nano-TIO2 in Cement and Concrete for its Dispersion, Structural Characterization, Mechanical Properties, and its Performance Under Aggressive Environment

WithMainak Ghosal, Arun KR. Chakraborty

Titanium Dioxide has a very wide range of applications in the industry due to its self-cleaning properties. From paints and varnishes to sunscreen lotions to food colorings to cosmetics to construction its applications are increasing day-by-day. However, when used in cement mortar and concrete, though short-term gains are negligible, it enhances their long-term property to an appreciable extent. This paper aims to investigate the mechanical behavior of nano-TiO2 in Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) composites and also of a standard M–40 Grade concrete.