chapter  Three
The analyst’s personal mental makeup in psychoanalysis with perverse patients
ByRodolfo Moguillansky
Pages 47

This chapter focuses on the subjectivity of the analyst. It states that the analyst may be caught in a dual relationship in the analytic setting with perverse patients. The chapter suggests that taking part in the direction perverse patients impose upon us opens up the possibility of gaining access to the idiosyncratic world in which they live, a world which is habitually inaccessible to be experienced. It explores the analyst's personal mental makeup in the psychoanalysis with perverse patients. Psychoanalysis has developed a large body of theoretical work to understand perversion in its unconscious roots. According to premises founded on psychoanalysis, between perverse acting out and dreams. The chapter suggests that, by means of psychoanalysis, it is possible to modify the unconscious determinations of perverse acting out: what is disavowed in perverse acting out may turn into desiderative conflicts, and this enables them to be dreamt.