Our contribution: how perversion appears in the intersubjective field of the analytic relationship
ByJuan Pablo Jiménez, Rodolfo Moguillansky
Pages 14

This book has examined: how perversion becomes a part of the psychic reality in the mind of the analyst; the difficulties that arise in the psychoanalytic treatment of these patients, precisely in the attempt to apply a technique centred on the insight and on the systematic interpretation of the transference; the countertransferential difficulties of the analyst in the analysis of perverse patients; change indicators in the field of the analytic situation. It discusses the other end of this intersubjective reality in the analysis of perverse patients: the analyst's countertransferential difficulties. The book explores how die analyst's mind functions and the part it plays in the analytic process with perverse patients. Perversion appears in the mind of the analyst as a transgression, both sudden and surreptitious, of the basic agreement that structures the intersubjective meeting, reaching the point of altering the rules of Aristotelian logic.