chapter  Chapter One
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Key issues in family business coaching

ByManfusa Shams

Coaching as a practice is a vibrant area, developing continuously with the demands from different disciplines. One such new development is “coaching psychology”, and the gradual emergence of family business coaching embedded within coaching psychology. Family business coaching shares the central tenets of business coaching, but, in addition, it is directed to coaching a family as a social unit independent of business functions. The major emerging issue in family business coaching is the presence of a blended coaching approach for family businesses, with an interdisciplinary focus in practice, in which fusion of counselling, psychotherapy, and psychometrics is evident. A family business is being operated by a family member other than the founders’ children due to the lack of interests and apathy to get involved in the family business. The business world is vibrant; therefore, family business coaching must find the most appropriate course to establish its position.