chapter  Seven
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Developments in Social GRRRAAACCEEESSS: visible–invisible and voiced–unvoiced 1

WithJohn Burnham

The "Social GGRRAAACCEEESSS" (SG) is a mnemonic developed jointly with Alison Roper-Hall. This chapter describes its history, presentations, applications, and exercises. It introduces the distinction between Personal and Social GGRRAAACCEEESSS, and explores the differences within SG, along the dimensions of visible–invisible and voiced–unvoiced. The collide-scope suggests difference, variety, movement, complexity, fluidity, and can excite therapist's imagination. The collide-scope is intended to generate curiosity and an awareness of therapists relative positioning in relation to the aspects of difference for themselves, and to the positioning of their colleagues/clients. Many imaginative exercises have been created to explore the more complex relationships between practitioners and the SG, and to enable them to be more practically competent in using them. These include: Burnham; Roper-Hall working clinically with older adults; Heaphy in training exercises; and so on. Visible aspects of SG might be about self/other, anything in room, or visual "clues" about such aspects as race, gender, age, ability, culture, and other aspects of appearance.