chapter  ONE
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Assessing clients with a serious physical illness or disability for psychodynamic counselling

ByGwen Evans

This chapter describes a developmental paradigm from which the effects of impaired bodily function. The notion of physical versus psychological does not give due regard to the lively forces at work in body and mind which impact and are interdependent the one with the other. It is the interrelating of body and mind that gives credibility to the need for psychological therapies to be made available to patients with a serious physical illness or disability, many of whom are distressed. When a diagnosis of disability or serious physical illness is made, alongside good medical management, the care a patient receives should include emotional support that gives recognition to the disruption. Psychodynamic counselling is based on psychoanalytic theory and practice. At Westminster Pastoral Foundation Counselling and Psychotherapy, the setting for the assessment interview and most counselling for the client group is a building with ground-floor rooms, wheelchair access, and adapted facilities.