chapter  XXV
On the Organization of the Psycho-Analytic Movement
WithSándor Ferenczi, Michael Balint, Eric Mosbacher
Pages 9

Psycho-analysis is a young science, but its history is already rich enough in events to justify a momentary pause to survey the results attained and to weigh up its failures and successes. Congresses are generally nothing but Vanity Fairs, providing opportunities for self-display and the theatrical first production of scientific novelties, though their real task should be the solution of such problems of scientific policy. Psycho-analysis, looked at objectively, is a pure science, the object of which is to fill in the gaps in our knowledge of the laws that determine mental events. The characteristics of family life are repeated in the structure and the very nature of all organizations. Many hold the view that the therapeutic effect of analysis depends on suggestion. The logical, ethical, and therapeutic outbursts of the medical profession are above all noticeably like the dialectical reactions which resistance produces in our patients.