chapter  XXVII
Dirigible Dreams 1
WithSándor Ferenczi, Michael Balint, Eric Mosbacher
Pages 3

The ‘dream in the dreams’ as recognized by Stekel is the satisfaction of the desire that everything activated by the dream-thoughts may be untrue, unreal, that is, a dream. There are dreams in which the dreamer is in a way aware that his thoughts are dreamlike. These dreams appear to need a different explanation of the way in which the dreamer becomes aware that he is dreaming. Many people who use sleep and dreaming as a flight from reality wish to prolong the sleeping state far beyond the physiological necessity for it; it is for this reason that, among other methods, they are inclined to cope with the arousal stimuli by working them into their dreams. Moreover, even when the arousal stimulus has been strong and its reality can no longer be denied, during the process of waking up, they struggle with their ‘inability’ to get up and use every possible pretext to prolong their stay in bed.