chapter  Six
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The Frozen Man: further reflections on glacial times

WithSalomon Resnik

In 1997, Resnik Salomon began a group in Venice for chronic psychotic patients. In becoming part of the group with his "big frozen mountains", Mr V was able to reveal other aspects of his personality and of his illness. The group setting provides a multidimensional context as well as the possibility of mirroring: the patient learning from the responses of others in the group. Schizophrenia has been understood in terms of splitting in the structure of the personality or dissonance in the mind. Bleuler also referred to "autistic" phenomena. Perhaps the therapeutic task of the group is to manage and contain the meaningful dissonances and give meaning to delusional ideas. It is important also to emphasize that a group of psychotic patients can speak the schizophrenic "language" with great fluency.