chapter  1
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Observations on Transference-Love

(Further Recommendations on the Technique of Psycho-Analysis III)

To a well-educated layman things that have to do with love are incommensurable with everything else; they are, as it were, written on a special page on which no other writing is tolerated. If a woman patient has fallen in love with her doctor it seems to such a layman that only two outcomes are possible. If one looks into the situation more closely one recognizes the influence of motives which further complicate things—of which some are connected with being in love and others are particular expressions of resistance. It is, therefore, just as disastrous for the analysis if the patient’s craving for love is gratified as if it is suppressed. Many analysts will no doubt be agreed on the method by which other women, who are less violent in their love, can be gradually made to adopt the analytic attitude.