chapter  Nine
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The development of the median group*

WithPatrick de Maré

The median groups can be viewed from a standpoint opposite to that of psychoanalysis, handling the anti-libidinal forces of frustration and rage by structuring them through dialogue. In May 1984, under the auspices of the Institute of Group Analysis, the author started a seminar group to discuss more actively the theory and application of larger groups. This group forms the substratum for future development of the Group Analytic Society's Large Group Section. The median group follows four chief precepts akin to those applied by Foulkes to small groups. When the weekly median-sized group was launched, it soon became evident that certain features were specific to the larger situation: these may be classified under structure, process, content, and metastructure. There has been a curious resistance to the new development in group techniques, taking the form of arranging matters that, in the last resort, members simply fail to attend. The median group is, above all, a highly sensitive thinking apparatus, of which language itself is a typical manifestation.