chapter  Twelve
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The millennium and the median group*

ByPatrick de Maré

The advent of the millennium has stirred people up everywhere, as if something really significant is about to happen. Clearly, that Christianity has survived for a second thousand years is no mean achievement, but that does not explain why group analysts who are not specifically Christian have decided to publish a special issue of their journal about the future of group analysis during the millennium. Structure refers to the spatio-temporal matters of when, where, who, selection, size, number, proximity, frequency, and duration, matters of the natural world often called physical reality. The mind is a dynamic process, and, in that sense, abstract, representing a counterpoint to structure. There are many examples of more obviously unresolved and split dyads, ambiguous because the bipolarity has not been adequately signposted, so that the continuum of the third dimension of dialogue cannot occur, as in the case of Kunta, before it had been named.