chapter  13
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The larger group as a meeting of minds: a philosophical understanding*

ByPatrick de Maré, Roberto Schöllberger

The median group, as a larger group, is discussed in terms of the meeting of minds. Patrick de Maré, after sixty-five years of experience as a therapist, has come to realise that it is the mind that takes precedence over libidinal drives and that should be regarded as a primary entity in its own right; not an epiphenomenon. Therapists have the privilege of exploring the mind to an extent that has never been done before, and by actually applying Plato's Supreme Art of Dialogue, having established a third principle to Freud's two, pleasure-unpleasure and reality. Between the mind and the circumference lie the reflections, which are constituted by substances: a triad of centre, circumference, and reflections. The author has postulated the elemental primacy of the individual personal mind in the process of reflecting and thinking; it is the personal mind alone that singly and actually thinks; everything else, including other people's minds, are reflections of this one and only, unique mind.