chapter  One
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Some theoretical concepts in group analytic psychotherapy*

WithPatrick de Maré

The salient feature of group analytic psychotherapy lies in the introduction of a manoeuvrable social dimension, in the form of the group matrix, into the fabric of the actual technique itself. Group analysis offers us a field in which the interplay between the part and the whole with the emergent evolution of the new can be seen in continuous operation. In the group analytic situation, in which group psychotherapy is observed in its "purest and least contaminated form, the accent is entirely on the free and spontaneous action and interaction within the group with as little interference, interpretive or other, as possible".The author introduces group locus and plurality, under which it is possible to reduce and clarify the complexities of the small primary group itself. This chapter attempts to systematise certain basic concepts surrounding the notion of the group-analytic psychotherapeutic situation. Its unique contribution lies in the introduction of a manoeuvrable social dimension into the actual fabric of the technique itself.