chapter  9
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Large groups in natural settings

An anthropological view
WithMyles Hopper

This chapter presents an experimental community development project in Newfoundland using large groups in natural settings. It provides an experiment involving large groups which is taking place in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, under the direction of the author. There is much in anthropological literature which indicates the existence and importance of numerous types of large groups in society. The pilot project has tended to confirm an impression that in the natural settings two distinct styles of behaviour apropos of the large group tend to emerge. Thus, of central concern to the discipline are the conscious and unconscious mechanisms for individual and group problem-solving or adaptation. The Extension Service operates a system of video stations throughout the province and, in many areas, has field staff trained in the use of video equipment. The necessity for sensitivity to this particular aspect of group process is apparent for leaders of groups in general.