chapter  Two
The inner world of the client through the brief therapies
ByLisa Wake, Betty Alice Erickson
Pages 42

This chapter integrates the current understanding within the brief therapies of core belief structures, sense of self, and internal processes, and links these to the theories of object relations and the later development of attachment disorder. All therapists were clear that they are working with beliefs and are able to identify the processes that they use. Therapists consistently referred to the client’s lack of conscious awareness of their beliefs and that the beliefs are usually of such a high order and at identity level that the client may not always be aware of how limiting the belief structure is, whereas the really deep core beliefs, they are hidden so deep, that often they don’t have awareness of them. The primary processes that are at play in the client’s world within object relations theory are the processes of splitting, introjection, projection, and the schizoid and depressive positions.