chapter  TWELVE
The founding of The Journal of Analytical Psychology
ByAnn Casement
Pages 36

This chapter focuses on the founding of the Journal was sparked by the research entailed in putting together the paper for that event. The Journal of Analytical Psychology (JAP) made its first appearance on the 31st October, 1955 under the editorship of Michael Fordham. The JAP Editor’s Report to the same AGM stated that the Journal was always likely to be run at a loss if it were to maintain its present research standard but that circulation should rise progressively. Many of the controversies sparked in the analytical psychology community by the founding of the JAP have centred on differences in language, both literal and ideological. The entry on the Journal in the Chairman’s Report for 1959 stated that under the able editorship of Dr M. Fordham it had maintained a high standard throughout the year and the Assistant Editors had met on one occasion.