chapter  ONE
Jung in Japanese academy
ByToshio Kawai
Pages 14

This chapter discusses the formal aspects of Jung’s reception in the Japanese academy. It provides some substantial products from the Japanese academy. The chapter aims to reflect on reasons why Jung’s psychology has found good echoes in Japan and the Japanese academy. Jung’s psychology has been rather separated from the academic world and developed mainly in private praxis and institutes in Europe and the United States. The extraordinarily good reception of Jung in Japan is probably due to the fact that Jungian psychology corresponds very well with Japanese psychic structure. The popularity of sandplay therapy probably has to do with the long Japanese tradition of aesthetics. There are, relatively speaking, many analysts and Jungian oriented psychologists who are orientated to archetypal psychology in Japan. Moreover there are several analysts of the younger generation in Japan who are strongly influenced by Wolfgang Giegerich, who criticizes the one-sided praise of imagery and, instead, stresses the importance of Logic.