chapter  9
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Supporting beginning English teachers to support pupils’ learning

WithLouise Beattie

This chapter considers how to support mentees with planning good lessons, evaluating the effectiveness of the lessons they have taught and moving towards planning and teaching sequences of learning. Whilst acknowledging the experience that the mentor can bring to the collaboration, a degree of reflection upon these experiences will strengthen English Teachers' approach and thereby the learning experience for the beginning teacher. To the beginning teacher, the thought of planning can be overwhelming. Despite the excitement of the first school experience and their anticipation of using their knowledge in the classroom, the mammoth task of tailoring this for a particular class for a particular period of learning can seem an unrealistic goal. The experienced teacher may describe planning as spontaneous, juggling aspects of subject content knowledge, awareness of pedagogy, knowledge of pupils and a myriad of other considerations. D. Didau offers some key considerations when planning: marking is planning; focus on learning not activities.