Conclusions. Doing research on far-right movements
WithEmanuele Toscano
Pages 6

In selecting and putting together the contributions that make up this edited book, I tried to structure the volume in order to give the reader dual usage: on one hand, each chapter provides the presentation of a case study that focuses on a specific national context, allowing those interested to focus their attention only on the specific national fieldwork of his/her interest. Each chapter, in a different and original way, also presents a qualitative research fieldwork that highlights peculiar aspects of organizations, movements and political formations that can be traced back to the label of far right: the xenophobic White Power Movement in the United States; the English Defence League in England; the Front National in France; the CasaPound movement in Italy; the nationalists present during the revolts at Gezi Park in Turkey; associations in defense of traditionalist values in Japan; and the vigilantes of the Rubbish Collection Organization operating on social networks in Thailand.