chapter  6
The dark side of the field. Doing research on CasaPound in Italy
WithEmanuele Toscano, Daniele di Nunzio
Pages 17

CasaPound is a cultural and political movement founded in Rome in 2003 that has spread throughout Italy over the last fifteen years. Referring directly to fascism, they define themselves as “fascists of the third millennium.” CasaPound seems to be very far from the traditional extreme right, dealing with issues such as immigration and civil rights differently from other neo-fascist groups and organizations in Italy and more widely in Europe. The aim of this chapter is to illustrate the results of a wide empirical research on CasaPound, concentrating on the role played by music, tattoos, and embodiment practices in this far-right organization, and showing the advantages that close-range research could bring in widening the knowledge of the far right from a cultural perspective. In addition, the chapter will focus on the methodological aspects linked to the realization of the fieldwork (access negotiation, relation, and tensions with the research object) and, more generally, on the ethical implications in researching far-right movements.