chapter  11
A new anthropology? Laudato Si’ and the question of interconnectedness
WithCelia Deane-Drummond
Pages 15

The idea of interrelatedness or interconnectedness occurs throughout Laudato Si’ in a way that generates a fresh emphasis for theological anthropology that differs from post-Enlightenment individualism. This chapter will begin with an exploration of the role of the idea of interconnectedness in the encyclical. I then explore ways in which the encyclical is open to indigenous perspectives on the human. Further, I will argue that a convincing Catholic theological approach to what it means to be human requires engaging with anthropological research in order to fill out what interconnectedness signifies. Although traditional Roman Catholic approaches have stressed the primacy of human dignity, this chapter argues that taking proper account of interconnectedness requires a significant paradigm shift in what dignity signifies and challenges human exceptionalism.