chapter  20
11 Pages

Training of Aviation Psychologists

WithMichaela Schwarz, Christian Czihak

This chapter examines the training and accreditation of Aviation Psychologists, who perform psychological assessments of pilots and other aviation-related personnel in the course of the selection process. It outlines the legal situation in Europe regarding the tasks and competences of psychologists working in aviation. The chapter offers the reader an overview of associations for Aviation Psychologists in Europe and beyond. This is of specific value to all pilots and aviation-related personnel who are looking for support from qualified Aviation Psychologists. The Aeromedical Examiner (AME) is required to be aware about the role of the Aviation Psychologist and to refer patients to an Aviation Psychologist for a thorough psychological assessment. The AME is required to attend regular training courses related to Aviation Psychology, and similarly the Aviation Psychologist needs to stay current on the latest aeromedical standards. Pilots and other aviation-related personnel benefit from an interdisciplinary assessment and very cost-efficient support.