chapter  22
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Recruitment Process

WithTina Balachandran

This chapter aims to review recruitment and selection practices and their application in aviation with case examples, discusses the recruitment challenges at a practitioner level faced within the corporate sector, and provides practice recommendations towards an evidence-based implementation of pilot recruitment process. Sourcing the ideal applicant for a role is an economic edge for an organization, as ineffective recruitment and selection could lead to vast disruptions, lower productivity, relational and operational issues, affect customer service, and have a longer-term cost implication. M. Armstrong talks about three stages in recruitment and selection, namely defining requirements, attracting candidates, and selecting them. While there is financial impact to becoming a pilot, from the airline or organization point of view there is a recruitment and training cost to each individual hired, and it becomes important to retain the hired. Cultural fit to one’s organization becomes an important element to factor in at the time of recruitment.