chapter  23
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Assessing Helicopter Pilots

WithPaul Dickens, Christine Farrell

This chapter looks at the specific issues in assessing helicopter pilots, based on the characteristics of both the aircraft used and the types of operation in which helicopters are used. In helicopter flying, the collective, cyclic and anti-torque pedals are used to control the forces in flight. In most helicopters the pilot’s left hand controls a lever called the collective linked through a correlator to the throttle. In a single rotor system, like those found on many helicopters, pushing on the right pedal turns the helicopter to the right while pressure on the left pedal rotates the aircraft left. In a helicopter the pilot has to actively tweak the cyclic to provide micro adjustments to the controls to keep the helicopter flying straight and level. Oil and gas operations are the main-stay of commercial helicopter operations, with the more recent addition of wind farm building and maintenance.