chapter  26
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Selection of Aviation Maintenance Technicians

WithRobert Dionne

This chapter discusses issues for contemplation when selecting candidates for employment in aviation maintenance organizations. It considers psychological traits for maintenance technicians in high-risk environments. Aircraft maintenance technicians are acutely aware of the consequences that lapses in maintenance may cause in the safe operation of aircraft. Technicians with sufficient discipline and situation awareness should possess the attention to mitigate the potential of missing a step in a sequential maintenance procedure. A just culture or reporting culture resulting from the application of a systems approach to safety in aviation relies on productive internal relationships between management and work groups. Global aviation organizations share passenger and security information flagging potential risks to the air transportation system. Maintenance resource management systems, tied to aviation safety systems, stress the need for actors in the system to be equipped with skills, such as: communications proficiency, critical thinking abilities, decision-making skills, and other soft skills.