chapter  5
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Interviewing Skills for Pilot Assessment

WithPaul Dickens

This chapter looks at the place of interviewing in the selection process, rather than the support process, and focuses on the usefulness of interviewing in selection and assessment, the purpose of interviewing in pilot selection, the interview process, issues raised in interviewing pilots and suggestions for good practice. One of the difficulties in examining interviewing in generic employment assessment situations is that there is a huge diversity in the design and execution of selection interviews. Where structured interview processes are used there is far greater standardisation possible, and the interview can play a part in a more comprehensive assessment process for selection. In his important paper on pilot selection, R. E. King uses the term “response inflation” to describe the impact of positive impression management on pilot assessment. In assessing how a pilot has responded during an incident it has been shown empirically to be an effective way of enabling people to recall accurate details of events.