chapter  8
24 Pages

Rationale for Pilot Selection

WithCarl Hoffmann, Arianna Hoffmann

This chapter describes the environment in which pilots work. It is important that professionals working in pilot selection appreciate the complex network of stakeholders and organizations that set the parameters in which pilots execute their job. The process of developing sound pilot selection protocol can be a learning experience for any company. This learning experience is a key to overcoming some very ingrained beliefs about what makes a good pilot. Researchers engaged in pilot selection take for granted the logic behind the Uniform Selection Guidelines: The need to do a rigorous job analysis to understand the job, the steps involved in content, construct and criteria validation. The development of a pilot selection process can appear clinical and detached from the world that pilots live in. Airlines spend a great deal of money, time and effort on developing standard operating procedures and training their pilots on how to operate the aircraft and manage the cockpit.