chapter  11
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Getting Out the Vote (GOTV)

ByCatherine Shaw

Make no mistake; everything you have done up to this point is about the get-out-the-vote (GOTV) effort. Regardless of whether your campaign conducts voter ID, you must know where your base lives and activate them to increase voter turnout among the saints. The group of voters your campaign will identify are those who live in precincts with high numbers of swing voters. Disorganized and uncoordinated GOTV efforts can enrage hard-core voters. Whether identifying voters by phone or by canvassing, you will need walking lists. Once you have the walking lists, you will ID voters by canvassing, phoning, or both. Poll watching is a labor-intensive campaign activity that requires plenty of preparation. Each precinct where poll watching is to take place must have a precinct captain, who is responsible for the precinct team. In 1981 the Oregon legislature approved a test of vote by mail for local elections. Make a spreadsheet listing all volunteers for the GOTV phone bank.