chapter  12
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The Campaign Plan

ByCatherine Shaw

Campaign plans demonstrate organization and forethought, both necessary to pull off a win—especially in a close election—and offer comfort for big-money investors, the campaign team, and the candidate. To make a campaign flowchart, start by listing the tasks you need to complete before the election. These might include canvassing, brochure development, media, phone banks, fundraising, and lawn signs. Spread out the activities so that you and the volunteers do not get overworked or burned out. If you're working on a small down-ballot campaign, you may prefer to keep your campaign organized using a permanent flowchart. Since Post-its tend to fall off after a couple days, tape them in place or create a hard copy of your working flowchart. Another option is to convert it to a campaign calendar or campaign plan. A campaign plan will organize a team so that each of the necessary tasks may be implemented in an orderly and stress-free manner.