chapter  13
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After the Ball

ByCatherine Shaw

Win or lose, there are many things you must do to put your campaign to bed. However, before taking down your lawn signs, bundling your stakes, paying your bills, finishing reports for the state, closing out bank accounts, and reassembling your house, you must first face election night. Spend election day or even the weekend before the election calling and personally thanking volunteers; this is also a good time to remind them of the election-night gathering. Don't wait to thank them until after the election. Lending money to your own campaign sends the wrong message to the voting public. A campaign that is chronically short of funds is a sure sign of one that is in trouble. Win or lose, it is tough to retire a campaign debt. The simplest and most cost-effective way is to review all individuals who contributed previously and email those you know personally, whether you're the candidate, the campaign manager, or part of the team.