chapter  3
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The Campaign Brochure

ByCatherine Shaw

The campaign brochure is fundamental to a campaign. In an issue-based campaign, the brochure may give a sense of time and history reflecting on past community goals and ideals. In either a candidate or an issue-based campaign, it is important to develop a theme and a message before writing and printing a brochure, because it is from this framework that campaign activities will develop and flow. Polling provides a campaign with a snapshot of public opinion. Conducting a benchmark poll may be the most efficient and accurate way to determine voter concerns before you develop your message. The objective of push polling is to persuade voters, not to gain information. And since they are only about persuasion, push polls typically do not collect data. Use pictures as a way to break up the text and give the brochure a substantive feel. Slogans can still be very effective if given proper thought by the campaign committee.