chapter  9
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The Candidate

ByCatherine Shaw

Some political analysts think candidates should ignore attacks and lies. This chapter talks about projecting a positive image before the voters and thereby minimizing the potential nitpicking that the public might do. It's also important to know the lay of the land of your community. In one election a candidate appeared in a debate at the Rotary Club. The uninterested, undecided, and persuadable voters will decide on a candidate according to who they think the candidate is over what the candidate says. The candidate must adopt the kind of manners a mother would be proud of. Given the importance of image, it's a good idea to have a "groomer" for the campaign. A groomer must be willing to attend early debates and public gatherings to observe the candidate's behavior. The public record the incumbent has amassed while in office actually defines that person—but in terms of image, not specifics. Mock debates are fun and very helpful for a candidate.