chapter  Chapter Twelve
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Biocultural Evolution and the Created Co-Creator

WithPhilip Hefner

This chapter provides a structural outline for the concept of the created co-creator, treating it in two ways: as a theory and as a metaphor. The concept of the human being as created co-creator gives rise to a rather comprehensive theory that interprets human being in its world. The created co-creator concept joins the multitude of attempts to overcome dualistic understandings of the human being. The emergence of the created co-creator, within the process of our interacting with “truth,” reveals how human beings encounter transcendence. When the created co-creator concept is placed within a Christian theological framework, it becomes integral to what Christians believe about God, namely that God is the creator of all that is, redeemer, and sustainer. The concept of humans as God’s created co-creators is an attempt to make sense of science and technology.