chapter  6
The Buenavista-Cahal Pech Royal Court: Multi-palace Court Mobility and Usage in a Petty Lowland Maya Kingdom
ByJoseph W. Ball, Jennifer T. Taschek
Pages 36

In this chapter, the authors propose "mobility" as an attribute of at least some Classic Maya courts and describe data from the western Belize Valley for one localized occurrence of the pattern. They review several factors that historically have been responsible for court mobility. The authors suggest that they were dealing with a single pattern evidenced archaeologically in their late Terminal Classic data from Cahal Pech and Buenavista. The Cahal Pech palace appears to have been associated closely and persistently with the personal activities and routines—both ritual and domestic—of private regal residence and with royal audiences and receptions. The sites of Buenavista del Cayo and Cahal Pech lie just less than 5 kilometers from one another within the triangle loosely defined by the confluence of the lower Mopan and Macal Rivers at the western end of the Belize River Valley.