chapter  9
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License to Feel: Teaching in the Context of War(s)

WithMegan Boler

The hyperdistinction of the "global" and "local" is one of the deceptive oppositions the author encountered in the educational setting. An excavation of the phenomenon in relation to emotion reveals that the twilight zone syndrome feeds on our lack of awareness of how powerlessness functions, effects, feeds on, and drains our sense of agency and power as active creators of self- and world-representations. Media can function as a repetitive trauma, successfully so in terms of the fact that one effect of monopolized ideology is isolation and powerlessness. "Repetitive trauma" is generally opposed to "acute trauma". Pastoral power works especially effectively within institutions. To challenge pastoral power successfully involves an integration of structures of feeling with the work of education. The individual and collective work the authors engage in within academia is deeply etched with felt histories and meanings.