chapter  4
24 Pages

The Politics of Corporate Ecological Restorations: Comparing Global and Local North American Contexts

WithAndrew Light, Eric Higgs

In this chapter the authors attempt to contribute to the process of formulating a response to this dilemma by looking at one class of environmental issues at the heart of these questions—ecological restoration. Ecological restoration, as an activity by global and local actors, presents a unique set of problems that may, more than most environmental practices, bring out the current state of the global and local problematic in environmental issues. The chapter focuses on two types of political concerns that arise as theoretical problems involving ecological restoration: politics in restoration and the politics of restoration. It argues that there is a democratic, participatory potential within the practice of ecological restoration. But since this egalitarianism is only potentially part of each act of restoration, it is the politics of restoration that determines whether that potential ever emerges. The chapter makes a case for how different political contexts condition the democratic potential for each restoration.