chapter  5
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Of Heccéités and Ritournelles: Movement and Affect in the Cajun Dance Arena

WithCharles J. Stivale

In this chapter the author argues that the components of hecceites, affect and speed that constitute an event, provide a precise means to describe the reconfigurations in Cajun dance arenas of "spatial practices" through dialogic interaction between musicians and dancers/spectators. The formulation spaces of affect precisely constitutes a global-local intersection as a way of envisaging modes of reciprocal dynamics and collective assemblages occurring in the Cajun dance arena in terms of hecceites. The specific territorial differences are marked through the code evidently shared by some dancers, and despite its complexity and fluidity, this message comes across clearly to the musicians. The geopolitical negotiations of "forms and feelings" are precisely the proper focus of a cultural studies understood not in a limited territorialized sense of dueling disciplines but rather as deterritorializing openings toward and negotiations between adjoining theoretical and conceptual articulations and strategies.