chapter  5
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Beyond Racism and Misogyny: Black Feminism and 2 Live Crew

WithKimberlè Williams Crenshaw

This chapter presents a brief introduction to the theory of intersectionality. It considers the ways in which media representations of women of color reinforce race and gender stereotypes. These stereotyped representations encourage and incite violence against us. These media images define the spaces that women of color may occupy in dominant consciousness and problematize the efforts to construct a political practice and cultural critique. The chapter discusses the different intersectionalities, namely: structural intersectionality, political intersectionality and representational intersectionality. Black feminism expresses that racial and sexual subordination are mutually reinforcing, that Black women are marginalized by a politics of race and of gender, and that a political response to each form of subordination must at the same time be a political response to both. The political argument was that 2 Live Crew represents an attack against Black sexual stereotypes. For the strategy to succeed, it must highlight the sexism, misogyny, and violence stereotypically associated with Black male sexuality.