chapter  II
Leaders and Leadership in Higher Music Education
Meeting the Challenges
WithGlen Carruthers
Pages 19

At Brandon University, since jazz is an important part of Manitoba’s public school curriculum and music education is a leading programme at the School of Music, a new position in jazz music education was introduced in 2001. By collating and analysing data from case studies – cyclical reviews of undergraduate and graduate music programs in Canada – this chapter describes the practice of institutional priority setting. It discusses the outcomes of cyclical review processes and assesses the roles leaders play in realising review recommendations. Institutional success is predicated on visionary leadership that provides the framework and infrastructure to address the evolving challenges of student recruitment, curricular reform, and program relevance. Curriculum and all that goes with it must remain in a state of constant development, informed by student, industry input. It is this challenge, to maintain curricular relevance in light of evolving technologies, fluid student expectations and changing industry requirements, that higher music education first and foremost must address.