chapter  Chapter 3
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Next Generation Adaptable Opportunistic Sensing-based Wireless Sensor Networks a Machine Learning perspective

WithJasminder Kaur Sandhu, Anil Kumar Verma, Prashant Singh Rana

With advancement in technology, opportunistic sensing has emerged as the most efficient way of routing data between nodes. Most prominent application of this next-generation sensing technology is the Wireless Sensor Networks, which are deployed in an hostile environment and are connected to the real-world networking systems. The quality of service is an important aspect of such systems and is an umbrella term for dependability assessment, which further governs the adaptability of networks. A detailed insight has been provided on quality of service and dependability assessment; also, dependability of a network can be enhanced by optimizing the data flow of that network. This chapter proposes a machine learning-based prediction framework for optimizing the data flow; hence enhances dependability of the network. Further, the results are cross-validated to check the robustness of the prediction technique used in the network.