chapter  7
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The Challenge of Special Educational Needs

An approach to identification and assessment of individuals with cerebral palsy in a community setting
BySudha Kaul

The global picture of people with special needs gives a minimum estimate that at least one in ten children are born with or acquire a physical, mental or sensory handicap. Historically, the definition of special needs has developed from a position of identifying specific disabilities to a more broad-based recognition of the 'global' needs of a disabled person keeping in view his or her 'specific' needs. The basic human needs of food, shelter, education and occupation are universally accepted. The needs of the 'special' child or the 'special family' should be seen in the same way. Having described the social environment people could perhaps look at specific issues in order to define what we mean by special needs. The four key points in question are: special needs, identification, assessment and intervention. Special educational needs of the disabled child in the rural setting would be quite different from those of the disabled child in the city.