chapter  3
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Towards More Effective Decision Making in Assessment

Pathway - Meeting the Needs of all Pupils
ByMiles Halliwell, Tom Williams

Assessment and recording systems designed to support planning for all, need to be flexible enough to respond to the assessment demands for those groups which require particular planning, such as more able pupils and those with special educational needs. This chapter aims to explores assessment is to inform educational decision making in an ongoing way about meeting the needs and aspirations of the child being assessed. The main implication for improving the 1981 Act assessment becomes clear therefore because of the 1988 Act needs and context. The processes carried out within each level are based on the common cycle of information gathering, action planning and reviewing which enables informed decision making to occur. Consequently, the assessment system needs to be based in a decision-making framework so that the assessment process is genuinely ongoing, and continuously informing further decision making.