chapter  10
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Characterizing the operation of a roll-on roll-off short sea shipping service

ByT.A. Santos, C. Guedes Soares, R.C. Botter

This paper presents a study on a roll-on roll-off (ro-ro) liner service connecting Leixoes with Rotterdam. This line is currently unique in Portugal, but is considered highly important in the promotion of modal shift from road transportation to intermodal transportation, in line with European Union transport policies. The liner service is characterized in terms of frequency, size and characteristics of ships, navigation speeds, round voyage time and arrival and departure times. Uncertainties in some of these variables are assessed. The dedicated port terminals are characterized in terms of type of cargo units handled, technical characteristics of infrastructure, terminal equipment and operational procedures. This information will support a discrete event simulation of intermodal transportation between Portugal and Northern Europe. Conclusions regarding major features of the operation of this service are drawn.