chapter  14
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Challenges and developments of water transport safety under intelligent environment

ByH.B. Tian, B. Wu, X.P. Yan

As intelligence technology has developed very quickly, which makes the autonomous ships also develop fast, the challenges and developments of water transportation safety is analyzed in this paper. First, the four components of future water transportation system, which are shore-based power supply system, marine electromechanical system, navigation brain system, shipping network information system are discussed. Second, the five safety challenges, including reliability of the shaft-less rim-driven thruster system, reliability of marine electromechanical system, security of the intelligent navigation system, information security of shipping network system, emergency rescue in the future shipping system are analyzed in detail and some cases are used to demonstrate the potential safety challenges. Third, some suggestions are given to enhance the water transportation safety under intelligent environment. It should be admitted that the sculpture of the future water transportation should be improved and more attention should be drawn to such research area in the future.