chapter  2
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Port of Santos, Brazil: Essential factors to implement a green port system

ByD.A. Moura, R.C. Botter

Having a port integrated with its surroundings, interacting harmoniously with the city in the surroundings, generating wealth and not denigrating the environment is a considerable challenge. Some ports in Europe and the United States can serve as a model for other ports in the world. These ports use renewable energy in their transport, storage and handling operations. They use renewable energies to load and unload ships, minimize or eliminate the use of fossil fuels in their day-to-day operations, and manage every chain that involves the movement of vessels at their terminals, as well as other modals integrated into the ports. This research analyze the current logistics operations of the port of Santos, the most significant port in Latin America, as well as its physical characteristics and legal aspects and public policies that govern Brazilian port activities. It aims to address what possible operations, technologies, and innovations are suitable in the medium and long-term to make it a port capable and integrated to other international ports with sustainable logistics operations.