chapter  20
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Analysis of multipurpose ship performance accounting for SME shipyard building limitations

ByY. Denev, P. Georgiev, Y. Garbatov

This study analyses the performance of new design multipurpose ships, accounting for the constraints of a small and medium sized shipyard during the building process of new ships. The conceptual design of ships with deadweight in the range of 5,000 to 8,000 tons with and without shipyard building constraints is performed. The ship hulls, for all studied ships, are developed based on the combined linear scale and Lackenby transformation approach using 3D models of existing already built ships. The evaluation of the performance includes the total resistance of ship at three different speeds, intact stability, cargo volume and number of containers on the deck. The impact of the shipyard building constraints is evaluated by comparing the performance index of studied ships with the same deadweight with and without shipbuilding restrictions. Based on the present analysis, several important conclusions are derived.