chapter  26
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A benchmark test of ship resistance in extremely shallow water

ByQ. Zeng, C. Thill, R. Hekkenberg

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) calculations have been making dramatic contributions to ship resistance prediction. Since the virtual models used are always simplifications of the real ships and fluid, results need to be validated by experiments. However, although a certain number of model tests can be found, the publicly available resistance tests in shallow to extremely shallow water (water depth-to-draft ratio h/T < 2.0) are rare. Therefore, to provide data for validation, a test of an inland ship model in shallow water is performed in a towing tank. Four shallow water depths are applied and one deep water case is added for comparison. The uncertainties in this test are analyzed for the measuring instruments as well as the resistance, trim and sinkage. This test is motivated to provide the path for the ongoing research by the authors on the improved prediction of ship resistance in shallow water and enables the benchmark for other researchers, who investigate ship resistance in extremely shallow water, with experimental data to validate CFD calculations.