chapter  3
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Evaluation of port performance: Research opportunities from the systemic analysis of international literature

ByG.C. Fermino, A. Dutra, L. Ensslin, S.R. Ensslin

This article aims to analyze the research opportunities on the topic of port industry performance evaluation, through the investigation of a Bibliographic Portfolio (BP) of international literature articles with relevance and scientific recognition. To achieve this goal, ProKnow-C (Knowledge Development Process—Constructivist) intervention instrument was used. The systemic analysis consists of a structured process of critical analysis of BP articles, based on a set of assumptions defined by the researcher informed by the theoretical affiliation adopted, in order to highlight gaps and research opportunities. It is an exploratory study, with a qualitative approach, involving the collection of primary and secondary data. Thus, it is possible to conclude that port performance evaluation studies, for the most part, apply standardized models, methods, tools and techniques, without taking into account the context specific needs, aiming particularly to measure the productivity and operational efficiency of the ports.